Franz Josef Leckel

Ever since childhood I have been fascinated with holistic methods of assessing how people live, including the environments they live in. Driven by my desire to know more, my original interest in the fundamental principles of human existence has gradually become the focus of my professional career.

For 20 years I worked in the conventional healthcare sector as the director of an intensive care unit. To augment my therapeutic skills, I then completed my training as a qualified naturopath and have continued to acquire additional training in other natural healing techniques ever since.

In the Leadership Academy, which I founded, I give presentations and organize workshops – either on my own or together with other professionals – on the topics of partnership, relationships, team building, leadership training and integrating spirituality into everyday life.

Since 1998, as Systemic Master of Executive Management Coaching & Training (CTAS ®), I have been coaching CEOs and management teams at leading corporations in Europe and North America, particularly in the areas of business process development and team optimization.

My extensive travels in Tibet, Nepal, Africa and North and South America have provided me with myriad experiences and a range of theoretical and practical knowledge (certificated Tao Geomantie Grandmaster), all of which flows into my work creating optimal living spaces.

My express wish is to assist you in bringing forth your true essence – from both your head and heart – in order to realize your personal vision and achieve your individual goals.