Optimal living space

For me, this means creating a space that best reflects your physical, emotional and aesthetic needs.

I use a number of methods in my work, which I carry out:

  • In spaces where people feel ill
  • During the planning and construction of a house or outdoor space
  • At private or commercial properties that have a high tenant turnover

The spaces we live and work in can infuse our lives with energy; they can also deplete us and thus promote illness or a lack of well-being. Everything that happens in a given space leaves an imprint, influencing later events there. You only need to imagine a gloomy dungeon, for example, and contrast how that makes you feel with the thought of a palm-lined, sun-drenched beach. The effects that a given space has on our bio-energetic systems can be traced back to the different physical conditions present there and the principles of how those conditions impact us.

I work on the geomancy projects together with my partner Barbara Jurk.

You can find our projects on Mrs Jurk´s website: barbara-jurk.com.