Leadership Academy

"Everything new sprouts from curiosity." (Lao-Tzu)

Leadership Academy seminars and workshops offer new insights into personal development and group dynamics. First-hand processes and an exchange of experience allow participants to better understand themselves and their personality structures. Leadership Academy events include presentations, systemic constellations, meditation, practical exercises, discussion and feedback. A critical aspect of my work is illuminating the inner conflicts that prevent us from realizing our full potential in order to immediately process and integrate them.

The Leadership Academy offers participants further development in the following areas:

  • Learning how to recognize and use intuition
  • Discovering the keys to effective management and leadership
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Identifying beliefs and behaviours
  • Identifying life goals and vision
  • Becoming aware of individual stress-induced reactions
  • Transforming “I”-based teams to “we”-based ones
  • Recognizing and resolving psychological projections
  • Understanding authenticity as the true basis of success